Pat has received both business and academic awards for thought leadership. Invite her to speak to the change and transformation leaders in your business.

A speaker who will help you unleash change in your organization

Pat is a dynamic and uncommon speaker. She’ll help your teams understand why they have struggled with change and what they need to do to drive and thrive the business and personal transformations that dominate work life today.  Her challenging and unique insights are for people whose role is to change cultures, implement new technologies and strategies, optimize increasingly complex supply chains – any big change.

She has spoken to audiences around the world helping leaders up their game in fast changing times.. Pat helps foster a culture of continuous learning and self-evolution for forward-thinking organizations and their members.

If you are looking for an experienced perspective by an award-winning thought leader about business change, invite Pat to speak and engage with your team or audience – in your meeting or virtually. 

  • Getting beyond the Culture Brick Wall: Three Imperatives for a Fast-Changing World of Work
  • The Mindset of a Transformational Leader
  • If You Want Water to Boil, Turn Up the Heat: Leading Transformational Change
  • The Awakening Giant: Supply Chains and Total Business Transformation
  • People and technology: Moving into Symbiotic Super Intelligence Together
  • Four Types of Change: Match Your Strategies to the Challenge
  • Universal Lessons from South Africa About Transformational Change 
  • The Role of Management and HR Processes in Business Transformation
  • Unleash the Learning Enterprise
  • Learning 4.0: the Key to Personal Agility and Resilience in Changing Times

OR, let Pat create a talk specifically for you

Helping cultures co-evolve with technology

Artificial intelligence could …”take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate” (Stephen Hawking)

Let’s be ready to coevolve ourselves and our organizations to guide and benefit from what we are creating!