Pat’s work is always about unleashing the best in people and organizations. Her books bring a leading edge, challenging, action- oriented perspective to guide personal and organization change and development. She has received many awards the thought leadership reflected in her writing, speaking, consulting, and community work.


The Shadow Side of Power: Lessons for Leaders

Patterned after Dante’s Inferno, this book tells a story about a fictional leader who learns lessons about the use of power from people who have misused or abused it and are now paying the price.. 


Change Is Everybody's Business

Executives and others who have formal authority may be responsible for articulating strategies, changing directions, investing in technologies, and making high level resource tradeoffs, but it’s what everybody does that creates the real future. This book educates everybody about how to participate in, help shape, and thrive in change.


Unstoppable You: Adopt the New Learning 4.0 Mindset and Change Your Life

Every adult’s book about how to learn in the fast changing 21st Century where the ability to manage one’s own learning and change is key to personal (and organizational) agility, success, resilience, and fulfillment. Learn what neuroscientists, psychologists and adult development specialists know about the brain, and master 7 practices for learning mastery.


Unleash Unstoppable Learners

This is the Learning and Development Professional’s guide to creating, implementing and evaluating programs that help upgrade people’s learning skills WHILE they participate in corporate programs and other designed or curated learning experiences.  More advanced learners – people with 21st Century lifelong learning mindsets and skills – mean better ROI from your programs and more curious and evolving people at work in general.


On the Level: Performance Communication That Works: Performance Communication That Really Works

A practical, clear, and best-selling book that treats both parties in performance communications as active, shared responsibility players who contribute information, explore perspectives, and make conversations work in spite of power differences. The prize is purposeful, direct, and respectful communication where both parties give and receive information about goals, performance, problems, development and more. 


The Age of Participation: New Governance for the Workplace and the World

This ground-breaking book presents participation as a practical way of thinking and working for personal and business resilience and success.  You’ll learn how to build responsible engagement into 9 key operating features of any organization.