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“I feel strongly that people and technology must evolve together. But technology is moving ahead at an exponential pace. People and the human dimension of the enterprise must keep up and remain in charge of the big decisions about purpose, values, and how to ethically optimize technology and what we create with it.  This calls for major culture breakthroughs.

The opportunity for massive improvements in productivity and innovation is here. With competent transformational leadership, businesses will thrive, and people will have more tools for continually developing, contributing, and becoming more human.  These can be mutually reinforcing goals. But today’s organizations and all of us face immense, even daunting,  transformational challenges that  require equal but different kinds of attention to the people and the technological dimensions of the business.  We can and must meet them.  I am committed to helping your business, you as a leader, and your people to excel today while also getting ready for a future that will require new mindsets, skills, and resilience.  It is my life’s purpose.”

For more than 45 years, Pat McLagan has been trusted by US and global leaders on the cusp of major changes – business, federal, and state government leaders, corporate learning and development professionals, and supply chain executives in a variety of industries. She is a an award-winning, collaborative and strategic partner who will support your change team, drawing insights from experience as well as continuous research in multiple disciplines, including neuroscience, ecology, psychology, adult learning, organization change, sociology, and even physics.