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Unleash the Self-Transforming Enterprise

Advisory Support for Deep Transformation

There are four types of change challenge. It is important to use approaches that are relevant to each – from simple changes (Transactional Change) to deep, organization-wide culture change (Self-Transforming). Draw on McLagan’s in-the-trenches experience and thought leadership to increase the success potential of your change agenda.

The GuideStar Organization Diagnostic

Do a deep, multi-perspective examination of your transformational change capacity. Then decide what to do to help people and your organization  keep up with and support your strategies and change initiatives.

The Transformational Leadership Series (for Executives and Change Leaders)

Expand your ability to support deep change in the human dimension of your business. Launching in 2022, this series will incorporate insights from the GuideStar Organization Diagnostic that will precede series participation. The series will draw insights from many disciplines, focus on new ways of thinking about leadership and change, and focus on the difficult actions leaders must take now to create an enterprise capable of continuous transformation.

The Challenge: Co-Evolve Culture and Technology

If your organization is having a difficult time keeping up with the pace of change and increasingly smarter technology, you are not alone.

Only 34% of planned changes meet leaders’ expectations and 50% fail. You know these statistics because, in spite of many “transformation” projects, they haven’t changed across industries and time. 

Why does culture continue to make changes difficult? Aren’t new processes, structures, training, and leaders’ requests for agility, innovation, transparency, customer-focus, and empowered action, enough? What about all the investments you’ve made in “change management” activities and consultants?

The rubber has met the road, and the deep work of real transformation must now begin. It benefits from some of the tools of change management, but transformation is not something you do to people  or the enterprise. It is there to unleash and can’t be “managed.” 

McLagan has the practical and recognized thought leadership expertise to support both organizational and individual transformation.  The secret is to grow transformation as a core capability – built into, not onto the enterprise. This requires a more ecological view of power, role-differentiation, problem-solving, and learning.

Transformation in society, supply chains, businesses, and people is the existential challenge of our time.  It calls on all participants to be  self-empowered, open to change and learning, and conscious about their use of power with others. And it calls for leaders who can transform themselves with their enterprises.

McLagan will help you unleash this kind of  deep change by helping everyone  — leaders and team members — to be conscious and competent participants in their own and the organization’s ongoing evolution. 

A Special Note to Supply Chain Executives

SMART technology is radically changing organizations and moving the world into a new industrial phase: Industry 4.0 – an era where technology, biology, and both human and machine intelligence mix in dramatically new ways. It’s an era when many boundaries within and between organizations and with customers blur. The digitized, end-to-end supply chain is leading this shift — literally forcing organizations to deeply transform. It is making the entire process from customer expectations to fulfillment transparent and manageable horizontally. The view of the enterprise also expands to include everyone in the value stream.

Thanks to your work, the organization must now deal with traditional power, silo, and problem-solving methodology problems. It MUST deeply transform or fail.

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