It’s pretty clear that today’s is a rapidly changing (and quite challenging) world of work.  The question I would like to explore is, what does it mean for you as a  leader and participant, or as someone who influences others in those roles?

I believe that the changes going on are occurring at a deeper level that is often not well explored; that it is vitally important to step back, think about, and really take a look at what the changes around us mean and how we can and will respond.  It’s difficult to do this because things are moving so fast and all of us seem to be drowning in uncertainty, information, and crises.  But these are the very reasons why it is important to step out of the fray, dip below the surface, and think about what we are really dealing with and creating.

So, I am launching this article series in order to explore some of the deeper challenges of change and our power in change with colleagues like you – people who see that we are living on the cusp of big shifts in the world and want to play an active part in what happens next.  My assumption is that you want to make a difference as a formal or informal leader or as a consultant, educator, and advisor to people in the changing world of work.

I plan to focus on a variety of issues and hope to stimulate some good conversations.  You can expect to find me offering thoughts about such topics as:  power, its use and abuse; processes, being sure they support not add red tape; practices, those that seem to work most often; passion, keeping life and energy in work and learning.  I’ll also be a translator of some of the good research going on out there…making it practical for busy people who want to do good work.

Generally I will “stir the pot,” focusing on issues that are on the edge — where change and stability jostle with each other.  I’ll sometimes be forceful in expressing my views – but let these bubbling thoughts stimulate your thinking and invite you into a conversation about our role in today’s changing world and the changing world of work.   I don’t mind a bit of controversy.  We are all in this “creating the future” business together.


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