Ongoing Transformation
A Core Capability

Tap into 50 years of thought leadership in business and personal learning and transformation

A History of Navigating Inflection Points

For Organizations
Concerns for better change management and learning accelerated in the 1970s with globalization and the launch of computer technologies. McLagan was then one of the first companies to offer change support to organizations and diverse industries worldwide. We helped public and private sector organizations introduce new technologies, deal with increased cost pressures and strategic redirections, worked with NASA in the shift from the moon to the shuttle and to larger mission contracting, and with many organizations in South Africa preparing for the end of Apartheid.

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For Individuals
Because learning is a fundamental change dynamic, we also helped create learning departments and launched programs to develop advanced learning skills. And we were one of the first companies to promote and support self-managed personal learning and change – a requirement that is now in full bloom with e-learning.

Today: Continuous Self-Transformation

For Organizations
21st Century business “transformations” must transcend conventional change approaches. Also, many organizations have well-developed change support capabilities. So today, McLagan International’s unique value resides in our books, articles, and posts.

We also offer periodic very short executive engagements where together we assess the developmental levels and transformation capabilities of your enterprise. The result? Plan to break through to new levels of maturity and capability for co-evolving with the fast changing forces around your enterprise.

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For Individuals
For Individuals, we provide books, articles, and apps and other 24/7 accessible support to develop and guide your advanced personal and professional learning that these fast-changing times require.