Are you looking for breakthroughs in leading complex change? Draw on Pat’s 45 years of research, award-winning thought leadership, and business transformation experience in some of the world’s most respected companies.

Not Change as Usual…

For McLagan change is not “Change.” Some changes may ruffle the culture but are relatively easy to implement. Others affect multiple groups and change your operating models – but it’s possible to guide them with project management methods . Others rattle the organization’s essence and identity and demand significant shifts in thinking and actions from everybody. Think about 4 types of change challenges:

Transactional Change (T1)

This is local change or simple work practice change that you can support with training, management coaching, and motivating communication. 

Transitional Change (T2)

These are more complicated changes that alter relationships, require big skill shifts, and affect large parts of the enterprise More

Transformational Change (T3)

There is a lot of uncertainty in this more complex T3 change. The full implications aren’t fully understood. So, management needs to More

Transformational Change-Inbuilt (T4)

T4 transcends change programs, focusing on the ongoing change capacity of the enterprise and everyone in it. A mindset of More

Consulting Support for Business Transformation

Add an experienced and recognized transformation thought leader to your change leadership team.

Accelerated Personal Learning and Transformation

Tools and consulting support for accelerated personal learning and change. Create the Learning Enterprise leaders talk about!

GuideStar Organization Diagnostic

Assess your organization’s transformation (including learning) capacity. Use it as input to your change strategies.

The Transformational Leadership Series

A unique personal and organization development experience for people who must lead complex change and transformation.

A Pot of Gold

ARTICLES to stimulate fresh thinking and practical action for personal and business change.


Over 40 years working in major engagements with complex organizations dealing with system-wide shifts related to technology, market dynamics, globalization, and other major evolutionary and disruptive drivers. With Boards, executives, HR professionals, unions and the workforce.

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Together, we are participating in time of change that is unique in history – faster, more complex. How we deal with it will shape the future.

Join me in becoming more skilled change leaders, participants and shapers.